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released November 3, 2015

Paul Craig - vocals, harmonica, keyboard, percussion
Paul Hill - guitar, bass, percussion
Glen Wellman - drums
Tom Jervis - bass
Lilita Arndt (Embrace of Herdera) - vocals
MW DEnis (E Studios) - violin and piano
Hendrick Valera - flute
Chris D - trumpet
Mark Brown - mellotron
Justin Smith - backing vocals
James "Frankenstein" Blackney - backing vocals



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Clawhammer Mississippi

Clawhammer is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Mississippi formed by Paul Hill and Paul Craig.


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Track Name: 3D Death Machine
Late at night, I power on
and select a game to play
Encounter monsters and demon spawn
And I blow them all away
Down the twisted hall I run
Searching for the key
To take me to the next level
And start another killing spree

Killing is my business
Business is good
Killing is my business
and business is good

They start sweating when I come around
Cause they know nothing will survive
I got a pistol, an ax, pipe bomb, bazooka,
a shot gun, a rifle and a 4 wheel drive

When I see 'em coming,
I open fire with ammo by the loads
And I ain't gotta worry bout 'em coming back
Cause I know all the cheat codes
Track Name: His Shadow Lingers
It came to an end too soon
A broken promise of golden years
Death did part her from her groom
All alone in the love they shared

He's gone but his shadow lingers
She can't shake free from the memory
Life goes on and it slips thru her fingers
The loving heart is an enemy

Time goes by and the bed stays cold
A rusted throne to the fallen king
Heart still full from a love long gone
Her arms embracing an empty sting
Track Name: Gethsemane
Oh Lord, oh Lord, What do I see?
Oh Lord, oh Lord, Am I living prophecy?
Oh Lord, oh Lord, Things have got to change
Oh Lord, oh Lord, I know that things will stay the same

If you could see beyond tomorrow,
Then you would live today
Ain't nothing ever gonna change
Things will always stay the same

Oh Lord, oh Lord, I know my will is not your will
Oh Lord, oh Lord, I pray to you still
Oh Lord, oh Lord, Can you take this all away?
Oh Lord, oh Lord, I know that things will stay the same

If you could see beyond tomorrow
You would live today
Things ain't ever gonna change
Track Name: This Fear
Blue skies have gone away
Black clouds are all that I see
In my world

I cannot move
I cannot breath
I'm sinking fast in a sea of gray
In my mind

This fear
It won't go away
It always brings me down
And every single day
It's got a hold on me

This fear
It won't let me live
It won't let me breath
It won't let me see
It won't let me be

Rusty chains hold me down
If I was strong, I could rise up and be proud
In my world

These prison walls, this lonely cage
I've been here so long, and nothing ever seems to change
In my mind
Track Name: Damn the Man
Come on down to the underground
Screams the sound of a clown with a frown
Everybody's having fun
Our decadence has just begun
The sin runs deep down here in degradation

Young and old gather tonight to blow their minds all just alike
To come into the dark and leave the light

Freedom from the man
No oppression in the promised land
I've had all I can stand
Damn the man

It's not too soon to howl at the moon
To be a fool from the school of cool
Put aside your inhibitions
Down here there is no competition
Society holds no sway over this congregation

Forget your past, forget your life
Everyone's vice is equal tonight
Everything's gray because there is no black or white

Burning souls, lake of fire
Price to pay for your desire
Damn the man

Don't be afraid, it's all a buffet
If you stay, you can play here all day
Forget the fact that you know better
Everyone loves their scarlet letters
Eternity's a long time to fry in the fire but whatever
Track Name: Psychoanalyze Me
Look into my mind
Tell me what you see
Psychoanalyze me

Inside my head is a deep gaping void
Am I schizophrenic, or just paranoid?
Is there something inside me
that I just cannot see?
Psychoanalyze me

Manic depression, it comes and it goes
Fits of dementia, they grow and they grow
Am I just feeling stressed or is it insanity?
Psychoanalyze me

Get up all in my head
I'll open wide, you can crawl inside
Get up all in my head
And psycho, psycho, psycho
Psychoanalyze me

Tell me please,
who are these voice deep inside?
Are they one with me
or just made up by my mind?
They call me a freak.
they criticize my personality
Psychoanalyze me

Delusions of grandeur
I think I am God
I know that I'm different
But I don't think it's odd
Have I crossed over into lunacy?
Psychoanalyze me
Track Name: Sunshine
Empty nights
bottom of a bottle
The clock is ticking down to nothing new

Sleep won't come
Think about tomorrow
Another empty day of solitude

You can't save me
It's all over
There's no sunshine
You can't save me now

Hope is gone
Emptiness is with me
Gravity and sorrow hold me down

There's no dawn
Only nights of anger
My light eclipsed by suicidal clouds
Track Name: Steam Roller
I am a psycho, locomotive
Rollin off the tracks, a back street crawler
I am the chill running down your back
A metal soldier, I am steam roller

You better run and hide
Or I'll flatten your hide!

Steam roller!

It's coming down on you
What you gonna do?
There's no escape from the
Steam roller, steam roller
Now you've run out of time
It's gonna break your mind
There's no escape from the
Steam roller, steam roller

I am a manicac, a bull dozer
Crushing everything, a bar room brawler
I am the knot, deep down in your gut
I'm the standard holder
I am steam roller
Track Name: Reveal Yourself
I been down so low
I been down on the floor
And I lost my soul
And I still haven't found what I'm looking for

Reveal yourself to me
Name your entity
And let my soul fly free

Get out!

And I can't sleep
And I don't dream
And I can't see
And I still haven't found what I'm looking for

And my soul bleeds
While you laugh at me
I can't take anymore
And I still haven't found what I'm looking for
Track Name: Revenge of an Angry Man
If I had a gun, and if the gun had a bullet
I'd put my finger on the trigger, and I'd pull it
If I had a chainsaw in my hand,
You'd be in two pieces, man
Cause you made your worst mistake,
the day that you pissed me off

Wait two weeks to buy a gun
Supposed to stop me from shooting someone
But I'm a patient man,
I don't mind waiting for you

You ain't got much but it's more than me
And I'll see you die for my jealousy
When you get to hell,
warn the devil that you lit my fuse

I'm gonna get my revenge
The revenge of an angry man
Gonna get my revenge
Cause I don't care, cause I don't give a damn
I'm gonna get my revenge

Runnin' your mouth is how you made me made
Cost me my woman, everything I had
Now I'm down and out,
I got nothing left to lose

Angry don't describe what I am
Son of a bitch, you made me a madman
I start to sweat, whenever I hear your name

I crack my knuckles soon as I wake up
I grab a pot of kickass and I pour me a cup
No, I'm not a happy man but that's never what I claimed

No, I'm not pissed off at the world
But I am mad as hell at you
You took away my life and you took away my love
And I'll tell you what I'm gonna do
Track Name: Killers and Clowns
Smiling, laughing wildly
All while I pour my coffee
I eat, the animals you save
And I kick your face to the grave
Explosions, outta your head
Try to walk a line and you end up dead
You can open your eyes but you can't see
No guarantee for sanity

Building you up, tearing you down
We'll always be killers and clowns
You cry and you laugh
You smile and you frown
Cause we're in your head,
the killers and clowns

Knock knock, open up the door
Are your hearing what I'm saying?
What am I here for?
Panic, grab it, open up and stab it
You've got a semi truck of bad luck
and your life sucks
Good bye, gonna watch you die
I'm gonna make your mama cry
Doom and gloom are your best friends
I'm gonna take you to the end
Track Name: The Face of God
It's colder in the winter
And warmer in the spring
Each day that passes by
Another trouble brings

The criminals can't be contained
When the jails are overrun
And global cartels' fields of death
Are growing in the sun

When wars fly on the breeze
When man creates disease
Behold man's greatest fear
This world's last days are here

And behold a white horse:
And he that sat on him had a bow,
And a crown was given unto him
and he went forth conquering,
and to conquer

There's poverty and decadence
Living side by side
Illusionary boundaries
How long till worlds collide

We judge each other solely by
The color of our skin
We never learned from history
So we lived it all again

When visitors from space we see
When tomorrow becomes reality
Behold the grand design
Behold the end of time

And there went out another horse that was red:
And power was given to him that sat thereon
to take peace from the Earth
and that they should kill one another
And there was given unto him a great sword

And the sky fills with storm clouds
And the tremors fill the ground
And the viruses run wild 'moungst the ranks of men

All sinners beware
Behold the stare
of the face of God

When you're bleeding yourself on the inside,
It's only a matter of time before you die

A blazing wind blows thru the trees
And famine brings us to our knees
But now it is too late to pray
The skies open for judgement day

Cannons fire like sounding drums
Governments fall with the bombs
And evil men take advantage of
the crumbling of the mother Earth

Rain pours down and waves crash in
The buildings fall and the fires burn
The reaper rides a rapid race
As we all stare into God's face

And I beheld, and lo a black horse;
and he that sat on him had a
pair of balances in his hand

And the seas have turned to red
And the ruins make our bed
And the spark of hope is lost
'moungst the ranks of men

All sinners beware
Behold the stare
of the face of God

And I looked, and behold a pale horse
And his name that sat on him was Death,
and Hell followed with him.
And power was given unto them over
the fourth part of the Earth,
to kill with sword, and with hunger,
and with death, and with
the beasts of the Earth

Mothers weep as their babies die
The children of an angry time
The wrath of God is plain to see
When we become our enemy