In Space

by Clawhammer

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released August 20, 2016



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Clawhammer Mississippi

Clawhammer is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Mississippi formed by Paul Hill and Paul Craig.


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Track Name: Lunatic Friends
You're a lunatic
Don't you know I am too
And there ain't nobody else I'd rather
be by my side than you

Because it's plain to see
That you might be
The only soul in the universe
Who's just as nuts as me

It amazes me
That we can be so crazy
And that we keep keepin' on
No matter what they say
It amazes me
That we can be so crazy
One of these days you know
They're gonna put us away

You're a catastrophe
And you're just like me
We're just a couple of weirdos winding our way
Thru a fantasy

And it's a mystery
How we can be
Side by side on the wildest ride
Two maniacs making history
Track Name: Break My Chains
Sometimes life can feel like hell
When you're working like a slave in a gravity
Everybody sweats and everybody pays
and everybody dies and nothing changes

They beat the drum and they crack the whip
and you pull another oar on a sinking ship
They take your life and they grind it down
and they chew you up and the spit you out

Sometimes pain is all you've got
when the chains are tight and the brand is hot
Everybody breaks cause everybody bleeds
and everybody waits and the master's feet

The day is gonna come when we open our eyes
And we'll all come together in a great uprising
We'll raise our swords and we'll let out a shout
and we'll take their world and we'll burn it down

Break my chains
I'm gonna break these chains
Feel my rage
As I break these chains
Track Name: Flowers On Your Grave
Empty promises
And years of discontent
Downfall was one last kiss
From the end of all our bliss

Disenchantment, malaise
How do I hate you? Let me count the ways
The end is gone but you remain
And in my life you're just a stain

There's no more spark from the blaze
Someone else took your place
Now you're living on grace
There's not a whole lot to say
I'm gonna be happy some day
When I put flowers on your grave

And I'll be happy when you're dead

You linger there - Are you aware
that your life will go nowhere?
You're a vortex, pulling everybody down
You can't swim but you won't drown

Your fate is sealed as life goes by
Your broken wings will never fly
All you've ever done is fail
You're nothing but a cautionary tale

And when you've left us behind
We'll think of the good times

I guess you're better off dead
Track Name: Lost in a Maze
To the mouth of madness
In the halls of fear
Thru the fields of sorrow
That's where I live

There's no redemption
Not on this road
So pray for me
And my wicked soul

I'm lost in a maze
Can't find my way

In the eyes of sadness
The world's not clear
It's hard to live
When your soul is dead

I try to feel
But my soul is numb
It's hard to live
With what I've done

The only thing I feel
Is the sting that burns
I walk alone
Lord keep Your son

I've been a bad man
It's what I've become
From years of pain
And it can't be undone
Track Name: Blood Makes the Grass Grow
We are the war machines
We are the ones to avoid
We are the killers of men
Designed to destroy

We are the wall of pain
When into battle we ride
We are the boots on your neck
The shrapnel in your side

Blood makes the grass grow
We make the blood flow

We are the bloody sword
That never loses its edge
We are the battered shield
The undying pledge

We are the few and the proud
We are the war machines
We are the last thing you see
We are the mighty Marines
Track Name: My Angel
Out of the blue and into the black
I crossed a line, there's no turning back
Up until now, she was under my thumb
But she don't like what I've become

The devil chants and serenades
And I no longer hear my angel sing
I'm so hooked, I'm so wrong
And I don't know where I belong

Hey yeah, my angel's gone away
Hey yeah, there's only the devil left to pay
Hey yeah, my angel's gone away
Hey yeah yeah

Out of the love and into my self
I put my feelings on the shelf
I didn't believe it could ever go wrong
And yet I knew it all along

That devil's grin, it sucked me in
and now my angel's gone
it won't be long again
until I'm so broken, I'm so gone
I''m so worthless, I'm so wrong

Somebody save me from my self
Somebody save me from my self
Track Name: Polish My Rocket
I got my hands in my pocket
And I've got fuel to burn off
And you can polish my rocket
Cause I'm about to blast off

You're a hot little gunner
And you work it like you talk it
I'm comin' out my bunk
Gonna crawl up in your cockpit

I got the rocket and it's hot on the strip
Now all I got to do is get you on my ship

I wanna launch but I'm caught up in your gravity
Cause girl you make it hard on me
I wanna blast off straight into the galaxy
Cause girl you make it hard on me

You're a smokin' pistol
And you're always set to stun
I'll finger your trigger
And you'll fire off one by one

I'm gunnin' that engine
The countdown has begun
And you can ride my rocket
Until we fly into the sun
Track Name: In The Name of God
Looking back, thru the ages
Looking back, thru the times
They twisted the holy scripture
The've forgotten the will of God

Killin' - in the name of God
Dyin' - in the name of God
Brother kills brother - in the name of God
Never ending war - in the name of God
We're praying - in the name of God
In the name of God

For so long, their battle wages
They've forgotten who you are
We suffered as they tore the pages
They corrupted the word of God
Track Name: Betrayed
Like an angel out of the sky
My wings are broken and I can't fly
And I came down and opened my eyes
And found the whole world was a lie

I'm feeling so far away
I'm feeling so damn strange
Since life betrayed me

I'm under pressure, I'm under siege
Consumed by anger and misery
I feel heavy, I feel fatigued
From all this hatred instilled in me

I feel the fire burning me
And curious I used to be
But now the shit has got too deep
If I am dreaming, awake my sleep
Track Name: Hail to the King
I was looking for love
This side of the line
I was feeling right
I was losing my mind

I needed more
It was never enough
All my friends left
When the going got tough

But I can get it all
From the King

I found nothing
That side of the line
But trouble and heartache
And anger inside

I needed love
and warm sunshine
I needed peace
and hope inside

And I can get it all
From the King

He came down to show me the way
He bled for me and he took my sin away
So hail to the king

I was lost but now I'm found
So hail to the King